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Aaron is a great guy. I have fished with Ian as well. Take care.


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  • tarpon41
    Times have changed...my Michigan guide canceled due to unusually hot week; the water temp is at 70 and rising which is not good for the trout if stress caught...so where is hot water acceptable yes...Aaron was open tomorrow and friday ...I leave this afternoon and come back Saturday morning...now I have been stuck on 25 Permit for two years...I need just half of your experience...but since I'm to be at his house at 6am tomorrow I suspect we will look for rolling Tarpon first then play the tide bonefish to permit
    July 1
  • tarpon41
    Ole Friend:
    Tarpon my observations when not taking but lots of fish:  Key West Area both west and east..usually late June to late July...five years ago when nobody was catching Key West area...I was fishing with Will Benson west  and Marquesas...this was sunrise rollers inside the Marquesas atoll...sparse 1/0 essentially a clouser without any supplemental weight using all fluro leader and 60lb fluro bite cast to the rolling group wait 5-10 seconds coming tight then slow strip... fish on...then we moved to Boca Grand Key back east...and ocean fish or outside flats...nothing with that 60lb bite would follow but no go same for 50lb tippet but when 40lb bingo takes...the only thing changed was tippet and always slow strip. Then four years ago Bill Houze again west same condition slow , small fly with rabbit tail that moved in the current when just tight...50lb tippet...last year Aaron just after sunup for three hours,off the Navy runway fish all over but needed the light tippet and small 1/0 fly and slow strip...then went for bonefish because tide was right then lastly Permit but alas No
    June 30
  • tarpon41
    With Aaron you had bonefish and multiPermit...I could not score Permit my early spring open hook soft steel everything else went wrong for Permit and last summer but Tarpon and Bonefish were jumping in the boat...one small Bone raced in on the crab to beat the Permit..it's fishing...where you outside by the NAS runway for Tarpon?  For Tarpon were you using one of Aaron's small sparsely dressed flies and 40-60 Fluro for bite tippet?
    June 25