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  • gladesman
    Sounds like U know computers well  - gotta question on using a web site  - my contact info  305 836 9281  [email protected] - maybe in a 5 min call I could get it

    June 26
  • gladesman
    Hello Spangler - I communicate now assuming you are Kevin Branning who spoke at FWC meeting ( I am Frank Denninger down in Hialeah Florida) - this is about your Bad Idea... post #41. I didn't pick on the importance of one sentence of your post  -
      "Don't want it while having my natural experience "
    even as new to this stuff as you may be you may have mentioned something more important than any amount of technical info many of us more "psuedo" more experienced commenters.who speaking for myself dive in the weeds under the assumption technicalities info will sway commissioners - as you can see on this thread Often they are swayed by surprisingly non-technical emotion based comments.

    You are no dummy for sure as demonstrated while speaking - trust me commissioners picked up on that too. After a while you will not need to look at notes nearly as often after you have dived into an issue and made it part of you - even though I always used c cheat list of points to hit on at a minimum.

    Anyway my purpose here is to request you to expand greatly on that sentence above from your post #41 detailing the zone we get in while in the very primitive mindset (like we are the only ones on Earth while hunting ) we have while in pursuit of game like a deer and how even having to think of TR and of how we must comply under promise of legal action destroys all or a large part of one's  hunting experience.. The more emotion the better since viewers need to be reminded and put into that primitive mindset experienced while on the hunt. I felt the same internally but chose the technical route here instead and although I believe in it to the core.

    And FWC can't figure out (refuse to believe) why hunters are quitting Fl in droves.

    You mentioned it 1st so I'll leave it up to you to decide -
    June 26