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    When I got into deep dropping I joined a private deep drop forum . I learned a bunch on there you might want to join it.  Its not all that active on there anymore but you will have access to all the post going back years with tons of good info.

    Also to answer some of your questions: bent butt swivel rod tip is a must. Lights you wont find cheaper then the ones from China on Ebay for around $1.50. They work the same as the $10 ones I have tried them both.  Braid I would not go any heavier then 80lb and I would recommend going with 65lb as I've been using that and no break offs. Fishing in south FL with the gulf stream current the thinner the line the better it will cut through the current. You can use less weight with thinner line. Also 65lb braid has a breaking point around 80lbs. As far as the number of hooks people use its all personal preference.  For me it comes down to how much gear I want to lose when I break a rig off. It also depends on if your going strictly for tile fish or rose fish. Tile fish will usually only bite the bottom two hooks so if going for tiles most guys will just use 2 hooks or 3 at most.  If going for Roseys they will bite further up the rig and people will use more hooks sometimes up to 8 hooks.  I usually use 4 hooks as a standard rig.  

    If you have any other questions feel free to ask.  I fish out of Boca and Hillsboro Inlet.
    January 18
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