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Mackerel bite is on FIRE! We went out of Port St. Lucie inlet on Sunday and headed South.  Porpoise were everywhere on the first reef.  We must have watched over 40 of them fishing, shooting out of the water, surfing the waves. almost like a bunch of kids enjoying the beach.  Reports from friends had been that the bite was strong inside the first reef, just east of Pecks Lake.  The location isn't hard to find, just look for all of the boats in one area.  Take a box of glass minnow chum with you, and on that day, they were slamming anything white; spoons, grubs, small tuna feathers, and plain empty jig heads,, as long as they were white.  We anchored up, drop a box of chum in the water, and were instantly surrounded with trigger fish, ballyhoo, chubs, etc.  Sitting in 24' of water, you could also see several goliaths down below (we donated to the cause a couple of times with mackerel that decided to dive instead of come to the boat. We caught most fish on med/lt action rods, 4000 series reels, and light line.  Set yourself a 3-4" wire leader off the lure to avoid the larger ones from biting you off.  Toss a small handful of the glass minnows in on a semi regular basis to keep the schools close to the boat.  Insert lure into same area as glass minnows and chum line and hang on.  We threw back more than 50 that were smaller than 24" and still left with a full limit each in less than 3 hours. The smoker has been puffing the smell of apple and cherry smoke all day, and fish dip is in the works. Have an awesome week everyone, Stay safe and tight lines!


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