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  • Northern
    Hey Cameron,

    Trout info for you.....

    The best spots for the larger Trout are usually grass flats that are 6 to 8 ft deep.  However, today they were a slight bit shallower.  At least on the flat that we were fishing.  An out going tide helps a LOT to increase the bite.

    There will usually be a lot of Ladyfish hanging around in the same area.  Ideally, the water should cloudy.  3 to 5 ft visibility seems to be about the best.  Clear water is rarely good for a solid bite.

    In 6 to 8 ft, a 1/4 oz jig is perfect.  Adding a 3" to 4" soft plastic, shrimp imitation tail (or plastic whole shrimp) is the best bait.    Us a sharp, twitching action to work the jig.  Keep bottom contact. Use dark colored tails in the cloudy water.  Use lighter colors if the water is somewhat clear.  Look for dirty water if you can see bottom in 6ft, or switch to fishing for Mackerel.  

    Rootbeer is probably my favorite plastic shrimp tail color.

    Good luck buddy!

    January 27
  • No Pockets
    Hi Cameron - I saw on one of your posts that you are from Nova Scotia.  I live in NJ and just posted a thread with some questions on whether to fly into Key West or into Miami/Fort Lauderdale for a Yankee Capts Pulley Ridge trip.  Do you fly dow or drive down?  Any advice or recommendations on flying you can give would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks - No Pockets (Mike)
    January 2