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    April 12
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    March 27
  • Geneakers
    We went out on Sat,... ran out about 18 miles.. found so/so weed lines at around 12miles that were stacked up with peanuts.. we must have had 40-50 of em around the boat on 3 different occasions... we were tossing bonito chunks from 2 we hooked trolling on the way out.. stream was ripping and we ended up way N of PBI so we jogged SW and at 675' almost due E of PB pier the shotgun blew up,,, almost jumping out of the rod holder,, (I fish with 2 guys pretty regular: Dennis and Tommy).,.. Dennis says "he is going to spool me.. was on a little TLD 25.. so I turned boat and start a large ark to cut the line peel down while Tommy clears the other 6 lines in the set... D says "I saw a big jump, looked like a big phin".. but he is way out there,, I think it's a sail... we make a huge circle and it comes up again,, dances about 8' across the water in full display and I tell him I didnt see a sail on that fish.. it's still out 275 yards.. we kept circling and Dennis is gaining on him and it comes up again... and again.. and again,... it's a white marlin..  that thing came out of the water at least 15 times.. full display,, dancing and thrashing..  I tell the guys there is gloves in the tackle drawer behind the helm and that thing made a mad rush about 30' off the starboard side, passing the boat,.. comes up again,, YEP,, its a white.. Tommy got  gloves on, we get him within 10' of the boat and he is still full of spirit... I tell em I don't want to stress him and we need to get pics in the water, unhook him, and get him released as quickly / safely as possible...  8' from boat.. he comes completely out of water and walks for probably 5-6 feet, hard shake, and the chugger comes flying back at the boat slamming the opposite side gunnel.. he's gone.... close enough / touched leader.. I called it a catch and release, haha..  never got a pic of it tho,, was pretty hectic.

    We drifted from 450' NW to 90' multiple times from the pier to PBI and caught a slew of red groupers on the jigs, and 1 false albacore..

    Was a good day.. everything released to fight another day except the bonitos we used for cut bait.

    Need to come out and jig with us some day sir!

    March 18
  • Geneakers
    I know it's short notice, but heading out of Boynton in the morning 3/6 around 6 :15 if ya wana go.,. will be in a black dodge flatbed, white Mako WA with twin Mercs  TX plates on truck.. troll in morning and 3 jiggers on board so will be SPJ'ing as well

    561.365.0616c Gene
    March 6