Fall Peak (now)

I believe that central Florida is now in the throes of the Fall Peak.
It appeared to break open last week, when the Big-EZ was king.
It was more of the same this Saturday (Oct 6) but the action
came on a Jig-&-Trailer and the Stanley Ribbit (solid toad).
The bass Lois is holding was 6 pounds to the ounce, and the
bass I'm holding was not weighed (Let me explain).

I was just about to pickup the Ribbit for another cast,
when a bass exploded in a shower of whitewater,
right next to the boat. While I was taping her length,
I noticed the ole gal had a sunken stomach and was blind
in one eye. Living in a world with 50% opportunity,
no wonder she seized the toad like her life depended on it.
My heart went out to her, so after a quick picture
I promptly returned to her to the lake. Although she was
23-1/8" long, I'm not sure that she'd even go 5 pounds.



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