Tarpon plugging rod - Shimano Trevala

nolegsinmiaminolegsinmiami Posts: 37 Greenhorn
Has anyone used a Shimano Trevala for throwing plugs at Tarpon or Cobia? Which model? I know they are made for jigging, but look good for thawing big plugs as well.


  • DrKDrK Posts: 241 Deckhand
    I got the TFS 69ml (6'9") paired with a Spheros 8000 last week hoping to tangle with a tarpon from a kayak. Balance seems nice but still not battle-tested.
  • Ol'DirtyCasterOl'DirtyCaster Posts: 2,321 Captain
    Depends on what you like to throw plugs with. I prefer mod/fast blanks, and the trevalas are far too stiff for me. If I spent all day/night throwing plugs with a short stiff rod, I would definately need some ice on my shoulder when I got home. For tarpon/cobes/mahi/kings I use a St. Croix 4C79HF, built as a spinner. I have a lighter rig built with a 4C710HMF that I like far more for plugging, but it's kinda light for tarpon over 60lbs.
  • AlwaysAbuAlwaysAbu Posts: 476 Deckhand
    The trevala with a Curado 300 and braid would be an interesing combo for plugging. Maybe modify the handle to shorten just a bit.
  • nuclearfishnnuclearfishn Posts: 8,356 Admiral
    I just bought the 65_100# line class. Don't know the model number. but I can cast 50 pund braid with 1 oz lead head jig a good distance. so far I like the rod, but am having problem with line wrapping around the tip when jigging fast.
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