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:RockonWill be doing my 39 hour Hubbard's Middle Grounds reports, with plenty of pictures, very soon. I will be fishing the Grounds, on the Florida Fisherman, August 5, 12, & 26. In between, On August 9'th, I will be headed to Tiger Island Outfitters for a few days of chasing hogs. Wow! talk about meals fit for a king, how about fresh pork & fish? It just doesn't get any better than that. The 26'th will be a deep water trip. Sure hope we can get away from the American reds, and gags. Don't know too much about the deep water trip; this will be my first. As far as August 5 & 12, we can still target vermilion snapper, red grouper, AJ's, and mangrove snapper. A two day catch of Middle Ground size mangos, 20, is one heck of a catch. Even vermilion snapper (B Liners) have been running big and numerous this year. On every trip to the Grounds some very nice red grouper have been landed. And, don't forget, we can now catch, and keep, AJ's. The Middle Grounds are literally covered with absolutely huge amber jacks. In all probability, we will limit out (2 day limit) on AJ's every trip. What a fight!
Then next month, September, the really big one, gag grouper opens for two solid months. Weather permitting, we should do extremely well on gags. The Grounds are covered with extremely impressive gag grouper. I have seen many caught even on cut bait this year.
Another thing that makes Middle Grounds fishing so interesting is the fact that you never know what is on the other end of your line. How about four foot long cudas & big yellow mouth grouper. And yes, we can keep yellow mouth grouper. Bob H.


  • XafXaf Posts: 1,077 Officer
    I'll see you there. It looks like the cuda had red snapper for lunch.:)
  • Navy_FishingNavy_Fishing Posts: 817 Officer
    My next trip will be the Sep 16th gag opener. I have 10 spots reserved so far with 7 confirmed anglers. I am sure we will fill the last 3 spots prior to leaving. 3 on the stern and the rest at the very front.
  • harbisonharbison Posts: 3,827 Captain
    Bob, actually that cuda was not caught on hook and line. Captain Mike gaffed it just as it cut my ARS in half. That thing was brought onto the boat green. What an experience! Gosh, those teeth looked big & ever so sharp. I will never forget that. Looking forward to joining you partner.
    William, Sir I would love to join you & Bob on the Sep 16, trip; however, it is not looking too good for me. As of now 44 are booked. That is already past my maximum. The September full moon is the 12'th. The 39 hour September 16, trip will be both the opening of gag season and the full moon trip.
    FYI, I have done a little research and have come up with the number booked on the Florida Fisherman 39 hour trips for the next couple of months. (I hope to be going on most):
    MONTH ..... # booked
    August 5, ..... 25
    August 12, ..... 23 (Full Moon Saturday, August 13, not sure what to expect fishing
    on the day of the full moon)
    August 26, ..... 20 (Deep Water Trip)
    September 16, ..... 44 (Gag opens...Full moon Sept. 12)
    September 23, ..... 21
    September 30, ..... 20
    October 7, ..... 11 (Full moon October 11...should be very good)
    October 14, ..... 23 (Another shot at full moon over the Grounds)
    October 21, ..... 13
    Looks like an active Fall season. Hope to see you guys often. Bob H.
  • Navy_FishingNavy_Fishing Posts: 817 Officer
    Bob, come on out. We will have a lot of room up by you. One of the spts will be my wife's and she won't be fishing nearly as much as the rest of us. Don't let the numbers scare you from this trip.
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