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Kayak(s) transportation.... let's see it.

wizfisherwizfisher Posts: 2,387 Officer
I had a kayak a few years ago and hauled it around in the back of a truck. It hung out a few feet but wasn't bad. Worked well for me. Sold the yak for some reason and later sold that truck.

Tomorrow afternoon I am headed down to Okeechobee to pick up a couple 14' Heritage Redfish yaks. Our only vehicle is a Durango and they will have to be strapped to the roof in the mean time. I figure it should be no problem as long as they are tied down tight to the roof rack and tied down to the front and rear bumpers/hitch. Just have to get them home really.

I have a trailer in the back yard that previously had a 14' jon boat on it that I no longer have. My brother borrowed it a couple years ago and I doubt I will ever see it again. Anyway, that trailer will now become a kayak trailer for our two yaks. I bet we will end up getting another yak or two for the kids so I want to make the trailer able to hold 4 yaks.

I'd like to see any trailer set ups that you all are using. Any thing you would change or add? I'll pretty much be starting from scratch so I can do what I want to the trailer. I'm thinking a storage area for life jackets, paddles, etc. that will be open, but lockable. I guess I could use some steel grate? Loops or hooks to be able to lock the yaks down when we have to run into a store or something.

Let's see 'em and thanks in advance. :beer


  • CrstyCptSWitherspoonCrstyCptSWitherspoon Posts: 590 Officer
    Can't help with the trailer but I'd just like to point out that when you strap down your yaks to the roof not to do it too tight. If you over tighten, which is easy with ratchet straps, you risk warping your yak. I learned from experience a day after I bought mine from ****'s, but they let me exchange it no problem. Just make sure they're snug and don't lift up in front. Good luck with the trailer! I was thinking of going that route to help speed up launch/load up times but realized I have absolutely no room for the trailer :(
  • jakejake Posts: 326 Deckhand
    There are a few running around town like this:


    And a few pieces of metal and a welder can turn a john boat trailer into that really easy.
  • wizfisherwizfisher Posts: 2,387 Officer
    Kinda what I am thinking about too jake. Might make a longer storage area under each side running the length of the trailer??
    A couple 14 foot yaks will take up the entire length. If I put the storage in the front like that, the yaks would have to stick out the back (I think).

    Thanks for the reminder CrstyCptSWitherspoon (yep, copy and pasted that one, lol). I knew that but wasn't thinking about it with these. I knew someone years ago that did the same thing.
  • guido4198guido4198 Posts: 2,247 Captain
    I use a T-bar bed extender purchased from Harbor Freight. IF you have a hitch, it's the easiest way to go. The big advantage is I'm not having to lift the yak overhead, just lay it in the bed of the truck. The bed extender supports the body of the yak, a coupla black rubber bungee's and I'm ready to roll.
  • 1lastcast1lastcast Posts: 56 Greenhorn
    Go to the Texas Kayak Fishing Assn. and look under rigging. Those guys always have some cool trailers and hauling racks pics to look at.
  • Lt.FireDogLt.FireDog Posts: 1,112 Officer
    Here's a link to Texas Kayak Fisherman.com they have a long, long thread on kayak trailers. I recently bought a Harbor Freight trailer and I'm using a bunch of ideas from TKF.com on my build.

  • wizfisherwizfisher Posts: 2,387 Officer
  • CajunRichCajunRich Posts: 262 Officer
    We were talking about this yesterday for longer trips with multiple kayaks and paddle boards.
  • brettfitzbrettfitz Posts: 438 Deckhand
    That's a good point about the gear box on the front end of the trailer. If your boats hang off more than 4 feet in the back, you have to add additional lights if you are on the road during dark hours, and a red flag during the day, just like it was on the bed of your truck. Just one more hassle you can avoid (and potential ticket) by considering this before torching up the welder.

    On your initial drive home, I second the "don't crank it down too tight" comment. As long as you have lead lines, and you are snug enough that whatever you use for padding can't fly out, you should be ok.

    One other minor point - in Florida you aren't allowed to have anything on the roof hang over on the driver's side at all. If you have to hang them a smidge, try to go the other way. You have 6 inches on the passenger side.

    A trooper I talked to said he has never heard of anyone getting pinched for this, but he did show me where the law is, and it's clear. I'll probably be the first.
    "A 'real' fisherman is one who thinks like I do. There are more of us around than you might suspect."
    -John Gierach
  • wizfisherwizfisher Posts: 2,387 Officer
    Got them home last night with no problems. Laid one down flat (right side up) on the roof racks of the Durango mostly on the passenger side, and then the second one on its side on the drivers side, laying on top of the first one. Strapped them together and to the racks, then tied a strap to the front bumper up to the front of the yaks. The rear was then strapped down to the hitch.
    Tightened things down, but didn't pull hard. Just enough to hold them in place.

    Drove home around 60 mph and nothing moved and they look good.

    Put them on the trailer I have, but will need to build a storage box on the bottom of it, and then a rack system above it.
    I'll update with pics in a few weeks when I get it done.

    I saw some really cool trailer set ups in the Texas paddle link you guys provided a few posts ago that gave me some good ideas.

    Thanks again for the help everyone.
  • krashkrash Posts: 686 Officer
    Good deal and congrats Wiz.. how the hell are ya. I'm still hauling my kayak, a ScupperPro now, on a 2dr Honda Civic recently traded the '01 for a '12 Civic.
    Old Fugger who just likes to fish
  • wizfisherwizfisher Posts: 2,387 Officer
    Hey, um, I want to say Sandy (I'm usually not good with names but I think I got this one, LOL). It's been a while.
    Living here in Central Florida for the past 7 years and things are good. Now have 3 daughters which is the main reason my fishing/hunting all but stopped over the last few years.

    One day I'll bring the yaks down that way and we can meet up and fish.
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