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quatinquatin Posts: 599 Officer
Just got video of my first successful lobster hunt off Dania beach. Just showing off.:wink


  • bitshortbitshort Posts: 243 Deckhand
    Great job, please get a net and make your life a little easier. A lobster hotel would improve your catch also, but great post was that North of the jacks in Hollywood
  • bitshortbitshort Posts: 243 Deckhand
    Was that this week or during the walk.
  • quatinquatin Posts: 599 Officer
    The video was taken this past Monday on some random reef off Dania. There are jacks off Hollywood? Where?
  • bitshortbitshort Posts: 243 Deckhand
    Not so much in Hollywood but just N of Dania Pier
  • frankthetankfrankthetank Posts: 863 Officer
    had a good time that day sure was fun getting ganged up on by nurse sharks.
  • TangomikeTangomike Posts: 38 Deckhand
    bitshort wrote: »
    Great job, please get a net and make your life a little easier. A lobster hotel would improve your catch also, but great post was that North of the jacks in Hollywood
    Good video. Agree with Bitshort about the hotel and net. The bag you are using takes too much time and effort to open and close up. It looked like you gave up on the snare early on. Suggest you cut the plastic coating off the cable except leave an inch and a half or so at the end of the loop. Helps with slip throughs. Instead of trying to drag or push the bug out with the tickle stick just tap it. You can move the bug into a net with taps better than pushing. This the first time I have ever seen anyone use a tickle stick and a snare. Nice job on the grabs sometimes you got to.
  • quatinquatin Posts: 599 Officer
    I picked up the lobster hotel from Divers Direct and finally put it to the test yesterday. First 3 lobsters were big enough that when I tried to put them in, they would grab the outside rim with their legs and latch on. I tried putting them in head first and they stuck their antennas out around the rim leading to the same stale mate. I finally had to palm their legs to their bodies to get them in the bag. Took me about a minute wrestling with each one. On the surface, I had 6 bugs in the bag. I pick up the bag by the opening shell and the mesh bag fell off. Lucky that this didn't happen in the water.

    When I got home, I had to make some improvements. I drilled holes into the shell and ran zip ties from the mesh bag through the shell instead of just over it. I also used rope to tie the bottom of the bag to the opening so I can carry it like a tote bag and relieve some pressure off the zip ties. I also took some twist wire through the zipper and the bag to prevent accidental openings. Hope I have a halfway decent bag now. Wonder what it's going to be like trying to shove a grouper in there now that I got a spear gun.:crossed
  • IntheslotIntheslot Posts: 342 Deckhand
    Nice video.

    To be ligit there needs to be a 3" stopper so ya may not wanna cut that plastic coating. Guess it's to limit the closure to protect the eggs.

    You're lucky, there ways too much current up my way to futz around with nets and two handed techniques. Many times gotta use one hand just to hold on to the bottom.

    Just as a suggestion, there's a few manufacturers of one handed snares, they have a slip noose so are one handed and you use the other end to tickle em out. Simple is good diving and I rarely have one get away. Never saw one at DD.
  • BarrellBarrell Posts: 1,293 Officer
    Fun, Ive been working in NJ all summer and I miss my lobsta. Where and how did you mount your camera?
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