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Move to Ft Pierce or Port St. Lucie?

Planning move to Fl and trying to decide between Ft. Pierce or Port St. Lucie. Want to be able to keep 17' CC at the house and still be close to fishing. Which location or area would you recommend, realtors not much help. Looking for a reasonably priced, safe area so I can fish, fish, fish. Any suggestions appreciated.


  • BareHookBareHook Posts: 47 Greenhorn
    One question, where do you work or what do you do for a living? I live in PSL but have to commute 85 miles each way for work.

    Added edit:
    Also a big plus, my area in PSL allows me to park my boat in the driveway, which is becoming a rare thing in southern Florida, check local laws before you buy.
  • islandlure31islandlure31 Posts: 54 Deckhand
    Get with Captain Dave (Dave Gates) here on the forum. He is a top notch Realtor and knows the area very well. He has found many forum members great homes. We live in PSL and have no problem with keeping the boat in back yard. Really depends on lot size. Hope this helps, good luck.

  • StreamlinerStreamliner Posts: 57 Deckhand
    If retired, take a look at the Medicare Supplement plans provided by Palm Beach County. Palm Beach County subsidises the plan and it is much better than the ones provided by Martin or St. Lucie County. I'm too young for this but my Uncle moved to Palm Beach County from Martin County because of the better insurance provided by Palm Beach County. I guess it does not matter for lots of people but it was worth it to him. Anyone with first hand knowledge, feel free to correct me if I don't have it right.
  • seachasseachas Posts: 66 Deckhand
    just dont move to one of stupid developments that every third house is the same,, I have a log home outside of Ft Pierce on my own land and I can park what I want there,, HOA"s just rip off the homeowner
  • Kevinwwings2Kevinwwings2 Posts: 1,279 Officer
    I am going to second Islandlure31. Contact Captain Dave, not only does he know the area, he also fishes and can help you some with that. He also looks to find you a home not just a house. I bought a house through him almost 2 yrs ago, we became friends and if I ever need a realtor again no doubt he will be the guy. The only problem is I think he found me such a perfect house I may never need a realtor again. There are good and bads of the area, but I feel more good's than bads. Some areas are good and some are a bit rough, but with a little homework and a good realtor (Dave) you should be able to make a wise decision. PSL has alot fo Foreclosures which if your willing to do some work and be patient buying can be a great deal, but can also drag the look of an area down with the uncut yards and what not that comes with them. I feel it will be a while before house sales can catch up to all the foreclosures in the area, so we won't see our property values rebound for a while, can be good or bad just depending on what your looking to do.

    If I can be of any help feel free to PM me, also if you need any info on contacting Dave I can help there too.

  • CaptTaterCaptTater Posts: 20,096 AG
    Have you been to either?:dog
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  • sea-chasersea-chaser Posts: 377 Deckhand
    Second the suggestion to contact Capt. Dave on this forum. Don't let your experience with other Realtors prevent you from working with Capt Dave.
    This is his info from the Southeast Business Exchange thread on this forum.

    " Real Estate Consultant
    Dave Gates - Real Estate Consultant, Certified Investor Agent Specialist (CIAS)
    Keller Williams Realty

    I specialize in great customer service representing buyers and sellers in all types of real estate transactions. From the high-end waterfront homes with 100'+ of dockage - to seasoned investors - to the young family that is a first-time home buyer... I will personally handle your needs and negotiate with passion, care, and confidence.

    I service St Lucie, Martin, Palm Beach, and Broward Counties (Fort Pierce south to the Greater Ft Lauderdale area) and belong to two separate MLS Boards.

    With a ton of wonderful FS members who are satisfied clients of mine for the past 8 years, I'll be happy to provide refrences.

    (772)834-0590 or (954)560-5058 "

    Joined FS forum 10/2001
    Member 1700
  • Captain DaveCaptain Dave Posts: 3,392 Captain
    Thanks to everyone for the kind words. :beer I always have great experiences working with forum buyers and sellers.

    Sullivan, I have very clear answers to your questions and would love to help you out. Give me a call when you have a chance. (772)834-0590


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  • BacDocBacDoc Posts: 704 Officer
    Are you working or retired? FP has some advantages - all types of housing within a mile of the inlet (affordable to astronomical) and generally get good bang for the buck. A buddy of mine got a great house on the water a mile from the inlet for about half of what the same house here in Vero would go for. FP inlet is one of the safest/best/easiest to navigate on the east coast.

    Disadvantages - FP address resale is not the best, but thats why the buyer gets a good deal. Run 10 miles out the inlet and you're still not in 100'.

    Fishing is great if you like bonita, remora, and jacks. Otherwise there are absolutely no fish off Ft Pierce - the only good fishing is way south of St Lucie inlet. :)
  • bmarkeybmarkey Posts: 319 Deckhand
    Don't leave out Martin County or even Palm Beach County, depending on your commute. At least take a look.

    Many communities, even mine (Royal Palm Beach) allow boats in yards.

    Bob Markey
    Palms West Realty

    Bob Markey
    United Realty Group
    Sport, Event & Real Estate Photography
    Palms West Photo
  • sharkatak1089sharkatak1089 Posts: 6,407 Officer
    ft pierce snook fishery is my favorite
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    If you have kids that go to grade school i vote neither
  • TriplecleanTripleclean Posts: 6,591 Officer
    Fort Pierce vs Port Saint Luice? For me FP offers boat ramps and an inlet but has way too many Obama supporters. PSL offers Boat ramps, better marinas than FP but too many lost youth that act as if they were Obama supporters. I would say check out Vero or Sebastian better public schools, be advised that electric bills in vero can be at national debt levels. I will use a disclamer out by 95 it gets a lot better.
  • swathdiverswathdiver Posts: 40 Deckhand
    check out Vero or Sebastian better public schools

    They're bad too. Why one of them recently had 900 students dress up as American Communists and form the satanic Nero's Cross- err the Peace Sign.

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  • TriplecleanTripleclean Posts: 6,591 Officer
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  • poolmanpoolman Posts: 69 Greenhorn
    I'm with Kevin on this.Ft Pierce has no fish.Nevermind that the inlet is the safest one around,the fishing is horrible!
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