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WoodsRatWoodsRat Posts: 117 Officer
Well this doesnt have a happy ending but its part rant part encouragement and proof that no matter what goes wrong dont go back to the truck! Well hunting a quota hunt this weekend and its walk in only. This morning I make my walk in which is 1.65 miles from the parking area there was 2 trucks there with both guys getting ready to go out I get to the stand of water oaks I was planning on hunting and as soon as I walk in I see a climber at the bottom of a tree. I was aggravated but I knew of another spot only about 100 yrds away a good rub line. Well it was harder to find than I thought so I basically picked a random pine in the open and was just hoping to get lucky. Then I realized I forgot my hoist rope. So after I managed to get up the tree quietly and with less blood than when I started (skeeters) I relax. So the other guy comes to his climber and clink clanks his way up the tree. Ive all but chalked it up as a loss until light comes and I realize theres a persimmon tree 30 yards away loaded down! How did I not see that scouting! So my confidence picks back up. Saw turkeys all morning at 0930 the other hunter grunts with a ferocity nothing short of an elk bugle! I roll my eyes and lean begin to daydream then I catch a glimpse of a deer heading towards him. I stand up and as I grab my bow a spike walks to the edge of the oaks stops then circles around to 21 yards in front of me and I trim the hairs off his back with my muzzy because I judged him for 25! After a few short grunts by me and my neighboring hunter (haha) the spike slowly walks away. After about and hour and a half of replaying this nauseating event in my head I couldnt take it and slipped back to the truck. I screwed up the shot but I thought i would see nothing and ended up getting a shot. Keep your heads up! And thank you guy who also thought it was a good spot Im sorry I walked past you when Im sure you planned to sit midday, and probly scared you when you saw a rogue arrow skim the spikes back!
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  • gator4evergator4ever Posts: 2,563 Captain
    Woodsrat it is all a part of gaining experience.

    Allways remember that to kill a deer you only have to be in the woods. Everyother variable can just happen maybe not as planned but it can happen.
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    Sometimes it's nice to hear someone else had a semi bad experience. I remember one year I set up on a Friday morning and when I went to my stand Saturday morning - there were 4 or 5 of us hunters within a 2 acre spot when daylight came. We were all thinking the other dudes screwed us up. About 9:30 we all got down and converged on one another like it was rehearsed. I told them I sat my stand Friday morning and they confessed they set their's Friday afternoon. I took the high road and pulled out. I walked across the road so my BIL could keep hunting his spot with his new BFFs. What a stroke of luck. I sat that evening and saw 3 bucks and two does. I let a six get to close and had only my self to blame. Ii was a great honey hole for a few years. A dude came in with his cute wife and I gave the spot to them (sucker for helping couples out when it comes to hunting and fishing). Good memories! I still check it out every now and again. No deer sign or cute wives LOL.
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    Coulda been worse bro. I settup my climber for archery about mile from truck. came back 3 weeks later for muzzleloader and there were 4 dudes out by me. got in my tree and there was a guy 10 yards next to me. He got down while it was still dark, pissed off I am sure, and 2 hours later I smoked a beautiful 6 point.

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    Yeah it could have been worse It was just a shock because i havent really hunted public land for 2 years and this year Im exclusively hunting public land in Fl. and Ga. Ive got to get used to other hunters again. But hopefully the spike will survive another couple years and will be a nice trophy for someone.
    "That didnt pan out."-Rooster Cogburn
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