Shimano Sustain FD 4000 spinning reel

dtobiasdtobias Posts: 733 Officer
I've got an older Sustain FD 4000 series spinning reel and the handle assembly is malfunctioning. To be more specific, the knob at the end of the crank appears to have loosened somehow and there is now play in that joint. After examination, it looks like that joint is manufactured with an industrial press, ie. can't be fixed by a layman and must be replaced. I scoured the internet and emailed/talked with upwards of a dozen or so reel repair outfits. Several of Shimano's recommended service centers. The gist of what I found is that this is a common problem with Shimano and has been for years. Shimano's remedy......sell their customers new handle assemblies at prices of $70 and up. Just seems a bit ridiculous to me.....especially if a company is aware of an ongoing problem. Very disappointed in Shimano and their customer service.


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