AC drain water quality

Crab BaitCrab Bait Posts: 271 Deckhand
My chickens like to drink the water that comes out of the AC drain. Do you think the water is safe for them to drink?

Thanks for your thoughts!


  • hebegbhebegb Posts: 8,722 Officer
    It is condensed from the air

    If you are worried flush drain line occasionally

    Bleach it even
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  • anglingarchitectanglingarchitect Posts: 1,488 Officer
    Chickens can handle it I'm sure.
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  • GardawgGardawg Posts: 7,773 Admiral
    it works good on tomato plants

    don't know about egg plants
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  • MenziesMenzies Posts: 19,289 AG
    It's easy to check - just get a beaker full. :)
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  • Crab BaitCrab Bait Posts: 271 Deckhand
    Thanks guys! They sure like to hang out under it in the wet mulch in this weather.
  • Joey ButtonsJoey Buttons Posts: 11,849 AG
    I like chickens.
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  • NoeetticaNoeettica Posts: 2,262 Captain
    I give the water from the Dehumidifier to my Cat ...
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  • Big JohnBig John Posts: 577 Officer
    I'm sure the ac water is better than all the other chickens that get hormones and steroids
  • optimistic Angleroptimistic Angler Posts: 599 Officer
    A/C drain water is just plain nasty. One reason they like it is the water is cool. I don't know what water quality chickens require. The reason drain pipes back up is all the crap that grows in the stagnant water, if you saw the snotty, jelly stuff that comes out of there you wouldn't let anyone drink it.
  • coldaircoldair Posts: 11,498 Officer
    a properly maintained drain line is clear, you just dont want them drinking from it when the ac man puts in the alagecide treatment or flushes it with acid.
    a system with a varispeed aire handler can produce up to 8 gallons of water per ton of ac per hour of running time
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