Surf fishing/ bait report

This is sort of a report, but Ive also got a few questions for anyone whose done this kind of fishing..

A few times within the last week Ive made the drive to Miami beach to get in on some of the snook and tarpon action Ive been hearing about. Up until tonight Ive caught a bunch of jacks, lady fish, and a cuda blind casting topwater in the surf. Tonight HOWEVER, I found one of the schools of mullet running along the beach after walking some 8 miles :Griz

I threw a big heddon super spook and was immediately slammed by a big tarpon. Within a few seconds, and after a few jumps he was off. I then hooked two more tarpon(after having to switch plugs..I guess they wised up?) and lost them too. I also threw a bucktail jig into this same school and lost what I believe may have been a snook because of the different fight and lack of acrobatics.

As the suns light was nearly gone I tried one more shot, and hooked up with a nice tarpon which I estimate at maybe 40-60 lbs. Fought him for a while and when I was about to 'lip grip' him, he broke off just a few feet from me. My heart was pumping and although I was a little bummed I didn't get the "victory shot"(picture) I could care less, what a BLAST MAN!

Now, I was fishing a small 4000 reel with 10lb braid, and a 20lb leader. I learned that to have even the slightest chance of landing them Ill need to step up to some heavier tackle. What kind of leader and mainline do you surf guys use- to balance between being reasonably safe and still able to get it far enough out there? and also, I assume you can find snook mixed in with the tarpon-so what can I do to target them? Fish jigs?

Any help someone can offer, I appreciate in advance,



  • JustTVHJustTVH Posts: 106 Officer
    i run a 8' XXH terramar rod, with a penn 650ss ( which i will be switching to the new V series. ) spooled with 65lb braid, bimini twist then alright knot to 80lb 6' florocarbon leader. Thats my setup for the mullet run
  • dtobiasdtobias Posts: 733 Officer
    I don't fish as heavy as TVH, but you could just bump your mainline to 20lbs braid and take your leader to 50lbs standard rig for beach snook is 10lbs braid and 30lbs fluoro....sounds like you had a blast. Find the bait and you'll find the fish. Nice job.
  • MandMand Posts: 26 Greenhorn
    Thats pretty much how surf fishing in Miami Beach is, lots of days where you while catch undesirables(jacks, cudas, ladyfish) with the occasional trophy fish.Without a doubt the best time to fish is the mullet run lathough I've caught fish year round. I will be out there tomorrow morning throwing an x-rap I use 20lb braid with 30lb flouro leader will post a report.
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