All Clear

JohnnyBanditJohnnyBandit Posts: 8,305 Admiral
Merlin is clear for PLL


  • coldaircoldair Posts: 11,498 Officer
    that is great news, but what does it mean?
  • JohnnyBanditJohnnyBandit Posts: 8,305 Admiral
    Primary Lens Luxation.... It is one of two known eye diseases in ACDs. The other Being PRCD. PLL makes dogs go blind. Merlin does not carry the gene... Which means any offspring of his cannot come down with the condition....

    They just came out with a DNA marker test for it (they have had one for some years for PRCD) for PLL..... I sent the DNA swab off to University of MO on the 20th. The results were posted yesterday.

    BTW Coldie, I am looking at some breeders I saw today... I will get what I came up with in a day or so. I saw a dog I REALLY liked today that should be right up your alley.... Dog moved like a precision oiled machine.
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