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Gone_FishingGone_Fishing Posts: 1,184 Officer
I recently purchased my first game cam. Looking for tips on setting it up and getting good deer pics. Someone here on the mentioned the Primos Truth 35 sale, so I went ahead and bought one. I know the old forum (and the one before than, and before that) probably had some good threads about this.

Thanks for any advice.


  • Cracker IICracker II Posts: 91 Deckhand
    I have two Primos Truth 60s which are similar to the 35s. You might want to first set the sensitivity at normal, instead of high. You will avoid getting a lot of pictures of brush blowing in the wind. I would also suggest setting the resolution at 5.0 megapixels instead of 7.0 megapixels. For some reason 7.0 setting will eat your batteries in no time. I couldn't see any major loss in picture quality when I changed it from the 7.0 to the 5.0 setting.
  • Panhandler80Panhandler80 Posts: 8,339 Moderator
    If possible, have it aimed N or S so the camera doesn't get confused between day and night (use flash, or no flash) when the sun sets or rises.

    I know you don't want to be in woods at prime time, but it might not be a bad idea to trigger it at primetime (am or pm) at whatever the max range is supposed to be, just to see how it turns out. YOu might be surprised... either good or bad. If bad, maybe try and find a tree closer to where you think they're moving.

    Turn it on before you leave.

    Label you SD cards and know which one you have in your hand when you approach the cam. On more than one occasoin, I"v put the Cam Card BACK In the cam, formatted it, walked out and went home only to find that the card I brougth back had LAST trip's photos on it.

    Try to check them at noon.... I have a hard time (especially after a sorry hunt), getting out of one stand (I grab that card) and then on my way out of the woods (maybe 30 min after legal light) just HAVING to go check the other cam to see what happened had I sat there. Again, on numerous ocasions, I've run deer off stand 2. Not good.

    Trim down all weeds within about a 10ft 180 radius in front of cam. They'l trip cam in the daytime if it's windy.

    If you have bears, try to handle cam as little as possible. SOme people even wear gloves.

    I'm sure others will chime in with more.
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  • FlaDawgFlaDawg Posts: 137 Officer
    Height....I usally go up to tree and stand on my knee's and set it about same height as my face....You mite throw sum chum out unless your set'n up on a feeder...
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  • Panhandler80Panhandler80 Posts: 8,339 Moderator
    Yeah, chum is good idea unless you know you're on a 100% ative trail. If for no other reason, you'll be able to come back in week and have a visual on the ground (what kind of tracks, how many, how fresh, etc) and then compare that to what cam says.

    Theyr'e fun. GOod luck.
    "Whatcha doin' in my waters?"
  • BuckDaddyBuckDaddy Posts: 644 Officer
    Conventional wisdom is to also place the cam parallel to a trail. If your cam is just shooting pics at a crossing you have less chance at a good pic with game crossing the viewfinder, versus game that are walking toward your cam...
  • Gone_FishingGone_Fishing Posts: 1,184 Officer
    Thank you for the tips. So far I have only tested it outside the house catching shots of our cats.
  • eddyeddy Posts: 162 Deckhand
    Ever tried the Plot Watcher? Awesome toy!!!
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  • davidfloridadavidflorida Posts: 1,138 Officer
    hide it hide it hide it beware off the thief...
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