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Fishing off Miami Beach - quick afternoon trip - some good eats

Went out for a quickie after work since I had been dying to get out for weeks waiting out the bad weather. Mike and I headed out of Haulover after picking up some pilchards from Lester. We drifted the wrecks off the diamonds and right away caught a huge mutton. Then nothing for an hour and as we were getting ready to head back in, a school of dolphin and tunas, traveling together I guess, swam right by us. We had one free line rod ready to go, Mike threw it in with a pilchard and hooked up with a tuna. I grabbed a little inshore rod I had handy with a rapala x- rap and hooked up to a dolphin and now we had a double header. Too bad he was still fighting the tuna when I brought in the dolphin because it was followed by a huge school. We tried to chum em back over with the livies but by the time we got a bait in the water they were gone. Just goes to show you can't be over prepared with pitch rods ready. If I had a couple more rods rigged with just a hook, I probably could have landed some more dolphin and tunas. In the end we hooked and caught a total of three fish but I couldn't have asked for three better tasting fish to come home with.







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