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For my Canon shooter friends

For some reason I received this link from Canon USA, in an email.

Looks like some good deals if you are looking to upgrade your body.

They have a 5D Mark II for under $2K.

That's a good deal, right? Especially for you video guys. Aren't they usually like $2,600?

It's a refurb but comes with a full warranty, so I would be afraid of it. If Nikon would cut the same deal on their D700, I'd be on it.

Anyway, here is the link:



  • mississippi macmississippi mac Posts: 4,222 Captain
    that is indeed a good deal....
    i ran through the rest of of the refubished cameras and 1ds is still huge $$$$
    the 50d was pretty cheap but the price on the 7d's is a lot better, but still up there...
    i checked out their refurbished glass and canon wanted the same price i paid for my 100-400 is usm "L" tele new a couple of years ago...

    a friend of mine is thinking about selling his 5d and wants 1k, my price....but the 7d has such a better focusing matrix and processor....

    my 40d still keeps on keepin' on...and it still has some of the best image quality out there....

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  • Tropic RatTropic Rat Posts: 113 Deckhand
    I know the sound of that.......

    I want a 7D , but my 10D refuses to break, not that I want to spend the $$$ for a new 7 or 5D

    but sure would like one with video and the larger LED screen
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