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Hey all,
First post. Holla.

I'm looking at a JDM Shimano Vanquish C3000HG. I tried the search function but couldn't find much on them.. in English. They seem like the equivalent of the stateside Stella FE but lighter.

1. Any major differences between JDM Vanquish and US Stella FE?

2. What is the difference between JDM Vanquish C3000HG and JDM Vanquish C3000?

2. What is Super Magnesium? Is JDM Vanquish EI treated?

3. Anyone use these, have one, no someone who has one? If yes, what is your opinion/verdict? I realize we are in the Shimano forum so I'm sure everyone here loves them anyway :wink

4. How well do you think it will hold up to salt?


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    I have zero information on this reel model. I do know that there is no warranty in the US on this model. We do not stock parts for this reel model. This reel sounds like it might be built similar to the Stella, but a cost down version. I doubt the reel use EI since it is magnesium.
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    Hmm... I'm going to pull the trigger anyway. I do a lot of fresh and flats fishing and I have seen Japanese info saying it is approved for salt. Will keep a log here about my experience.

    Wish I spoke Japanese...
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    Just be warned that if you have a problem we will not be able to assist you with repairs since we do not stock parts for this model.
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    Thanks again and no worries Bantam. I baby my rods and reels. I've had shimanos for years and years and they all work almost as well as the day I bought them.

    Good point though for anyone who does try a JDM reel you should keep that warranty info in mind. I read somewhere that there are a few places in the states that will do work on them if its something you can't DIY. Again though, not under warranty.

    The Vanquish doesn't have that blue/gold bling of a Stella. I actually prefer the look of the Vanquish. To me it looks like the Vanquish is made to do work. Also the reduced weight is a bonus - StellaFE3000 =8.1 ounces, JDM VanquishC3000 =6.8.
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    All I have to say is WOW.
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    Beautiful reel. How much did you pay and where did you buy it from?
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    Not sure if I can post that kind of stuff on the forums so I'll just say japant*c*l*dotcom. You can check out the prices.

    There were some cheaper places and auction sites had some bidding going on that I could have saved some dollars on in the long run, maybe. You might want to check them out. Plat might be a good place too. I've read good things about them.

    I went with the place I got it from because I talked to one of their reps in California and he was VERY helpful. In my book, GOOD customer service is golden. I didn't have to worry about customs clearing or taxes/duties/whatever and had no doubt in my mind that these were good people to do business with. My first impression was true and the people overseas were in contact the whole time and provided great communication, extra details and helped in any way they could. Also, this was the same place that the Shimano rep recommended to me.

    Let me tell ya - this thing paired with my NRX and 10 LB test superslick puts a smile on face every time I pick it up. I got to go slay a couple reds over the weekend with some friends. They have nice gear for sure but ... well ... no comparison. If you are a fishing fanatic that really appreciates every little nuance that quality gear provides, in my opinion, this is the perfect set up. This will be putting a smile on my face for years to come. That's a good feeling for someone like me who is always spending too much on new gear. Now I wont feel the need to get anything new for VERY long time. GOOD WORK SHIMANO!

    PS - I was also looking at the JDM Stella. Maybe I read the specs wrong but it looked like the JDM Stella had more bearings and nicer features than the US Stella. I could be misspeaking here so don't quote me on that.
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    I only noticeable difference the JDM stella has is the handle color
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    I think the JDM Stella SW's are offered in several gear ratios as well, or maybe that is only on certain sizes. As far as bearing count they should be the same.
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    cool, thanks much for clarification.

    I can't wait to see the new Stella.
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