Team Paparazzi King Fishing

Its been a while since Team Paparazzi has gotten together to fish.So me and Ivan decided lets take advantage of this bad weather and get out there to fish instead of watching the Miami Dolphins loose again.(not a fan,can you tell?)lol.So we hit up Ashley Baits in the morning and load up on baits.I rigged all rods for mahi but after seeing how nice the weather was decided to go for kings in the morning.It was king after king all morning long.After that we decided to go sword fishing and if on the way out we ran into birds or weed lines we'd check it out. 8 miles out we ran into a floating refrigerator.Tons of baits and small triggers under it nothing else.Sent a jig down several times and nothing.So shortly after we ran into a large weed line but we decided not to work it and continue on our sword fish journey.After sending our bait down all these storms started to form around us.After a while we decided to call it quits because the lightning was getting way to close to us.On the way back decided to make the best of the trip like we always do and recorded the rough weather.


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