Cell phones and other forms of comunications in the bahamas.

mdiaczykmdiaczyk Posts: 135 Officer
I take it no cell phone providers have roaming agreements with btcbahamas. I have an unlocked gsm phone if this helps. I know they are a pain about things like how you use the internet over there if you can find WIFI. They will block services like voice over IP Skype Google voice etc. . They even have signs like no skype. If the internet can be connected from NY to London via Fiber Optic cable hmmmmm. Makes me wonder. Are they just being greedy.


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  • mdiaczykmdiaczyk Posts: 135 Officer
    Sorry if I offended anyone who lives there or owns property there. As a computer person forgot about proxies and other services. Anyway I am invited to Andros my friend says do you use a sling spear. I said I have one but never used it. I would rather try to use the rods that I built my self. There is a steep drop nearby, should I build a jigging rod?
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