Big Red off Matlacha

A friend and I set out for Redfish on a sunday afternoon. We wanted to hit the low tide on the thick grass flats. The past week the rain has kept us off the water but not today. You couldn't have asked for a better day. We made our run to the grass flats. The mullet and big tailing redfish were plenty. Some how we only were able to catch one of them. Well I know I missed a few trying to fly fish for them. I got frustrated after a while and went back to spinning. Still no luck. So I picked up the camera and took a few cool pictures on the way paddle back to the launch. He caught this redfish on a watermelon colored saltwater assassin.

i-CkN866L-Th.jpg i-d4LXDZ9-Th.jpgi-LS8DLJK-S.jpg


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