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First Post

Hey everyone, seems I will be joining your ranks shortly.

A little background into my (no motor) history, my wife and I both got new Emotion Kayaks a couple of years ago. We didn’t use them as much as we would have liked, and decided to sell them after getting married to help pay off some bills.

We are now in a situation where we have the bug to get into Kayaking again. Probably more so for sight seeing this time versus fishing, although it will have some slime time I am sure.

We started off with a Canoe. I talked my wife into the canoe due to the fact we could try and take our Golden out on the water with us. Well, that was a disaster. I know Canoe’s aren’t too terribly stable, but this was the worst I have ever been on. Luckily the dog wasn’t with us on the first try, or we would have been splashed for sure. Luckily I bought it used for $125, and sold it for a profit.

The current plan is to purchase a used Hobie Kona Tandem at a great price. Now I know everyone says NO to the tandems, but like I said, it is a great price, and if I had to, I know I could get a little more money off of it if needed to. Besides when we had the singles, half of my time was stopping/turing around for her to catch up when coming up stream. This way, at least she can “help” me paddle .

I like the Kona, as it can be set up for Solo kayaking, and if needed the dog can catch a ride with me on this one, and the wife can get a smaller single, so we shall see how it goes.

Anyways, I know you guys are tired of reading.

I look forward to meeting some of you.

I am in the Thomasville, GA area.


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