PC 7-23 Offshore Trolling Report

Had the boat splashed at my Marina at 0:Dark:30, Out of the port at 6:15am, flat calm, beautiful seas. Plan was to run DEEP, start at 27F and troll out. Running SE hit a MASSIVE weedline in 90 feet, the line was SO thick, i had to put a Ballyhoo spread out. Few birds, couple fliers, but not even a sniff. After about 30 minutes, picked em up and continued offshore. Drove over another line in 120 more scattered, so we blew thru it. Got out to the 27f ridge, and more weeds, BIG TIME weeds!!! They were everywhere, and made keeping baits clear impossible. After an hour of clearing weeds, and no bites, i was about to reel in and head a little further out, when one of my guests screams HOLY ^*^$$& look at that mat of weeds. This was a solid mat, at least the size of a football field. Time to retool, brought all the lines in, and pulled out the spin rods, and putter up to the mat. Everyone starts screaming look at all the Dolphin!!! After taking a look they were all schoolies, but there were hundreds of them. So i get the guests pitching chunk bait to them. Everyone was having a blast playing catch-n-release on 15-22 inch phins, on light tackle (15lb) test. One fish (21 inch) came in gut hooked, so we put him on ice. While everyone was catching, i was chumming trying to see if Mom or Dad was down below :huh . They were not home, after everyone was wore out we ran a bit deeper, and nothing. Called it a day early, around 1:30 as the radar had a buch of small showers start to combine into 1 big one, with lightning. Ran into 8a got clear of the storms, and i wanted to try and add a King to the single schoolie in the box, but when i got there, the female on the boat had a headache, so by her request we just called it a day.

One thing to note, was the water temps. Off the CHARTS!!! 20 miles out 88 degrees!, as the day went on the machine was reporting 89.9 out over the cones!!! If this keeps up, the dolphin will be pre-cooked before they even go in the box. :smoking

With the water temps the way they are its time to take a couple weeks off fishing, wax the boat, and change the oil. :facepalm

The radio was pretty quiet all day, not too many out 'Phin fishing, most seemed to be fishing for Kings.


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