South shore fishin has been hot

Went fishin a couple days after Isaac for mostly snook under mangroves and i wasnt disappointed. every other undercut bank had a fish it seemed like and they were hungry on that incoming tide in the morning. got out there around 7:00 and just started workin the shorelines. caught a few decent 18"-20" fish and a lot of shortys. I caught one 25" in about 8" of water. he put up a great fight but i got him to the boat. I just got a GoPro and i am starting to get a feel for it so i will be putting up pics and videos in the near future. I fished all morning then went in and go some lunch they came back out for the outgoing tide. Little different bite on the outgoing. they werent so crazy hungry but still got some. but the best for last. last new moon i was on some great schools of reds on the flats right before sunset. they were tailin and everything. so i thought maybe it will be the same before the full moon and it sure was. there was a school of about 40 fish tailin right in front of my in 5" of water. It was a beautiful sight to see. in about 45 minutes for the sun went down i caught about 10 reds all from the same school, i just kept following them and making far cast and pulling it back in.

Went tonight and focused more on the reds on fly and had one decent school come by and got one out of it then they bolted out of there.

im ready for some more of the same

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