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New to the Juno area & salt water fishing

We just moved to the Juno Beach / Jupiter area from Broward. I've fished all my life, but 98% of that has been freshwater. Every so often I'd go to a pier or fish the backwaters for Snooks & Reds on the Gulf side.

Living so close to the ocean now, I want to start leaning towards fishing the beach, inlet, pier. I've picked out my gear courtesy of talking to some locals and a guy working at Gander Mountain and went out with my 7 year old for a quick try on the beach this morning.

We got there just after Sunrise, but the few fishermen we saw were already packing up. They all said the surf was pretty rough and they were catching more weeds than fish.

I threw out a Bomber lure recommended by the guy at Gander Mountain and on the second cast, caught a juvenile Snook. After a quick release, my son and I fished for about another 30 minutes before calling it a morning. No other hits, all the other fishermen were gone and the sun was a good hour high in the sky.

I understand we probably should have gotten there before sunrise and maybe on a calmer day. Next time..... However, I was hoping to get some ideas what people are catching and where.

On the salt side, I enjoy Snook, Snapper, Pompano, Mackeral & Blues. I've read some of the Juno Pier reports to get a idea of where and when. I've watched a few people getting into some Snook action on the pier with Greenies.

What about the Inlet along the rocks. What are they catching out there? Are spoons & larger Rapala type lures recommended there?

On the beach, I was told stick with the Spoons, Rapala type lures, & DOAs.



  • brightlightsbrightlights Posts: 121 Deckhand
    Different times of the year bring different fish. Right now its snook. AS the mullet run comes in (late sept to late october) they will be followed by the bluefish. Then the mackerel and then the Pompano. Pompano will be around in various degrees till March.

    Snapper most prevalent May-September. Hit the jetty / inlet on outgoing tides.

    Ask the guys at Juno Bait and Tackle, Grand Slam, and Fishing Headquarters for advise and tips. They will help you out.

    Good Luck.
  • SnookslangerSnookslanger Posts: 1,320 Officer
    For the beach, try a good sized bucktail, I have most sucess with white with a red streamer or green with some white mixed in. Also, you can add a grub tail to them. Fish this in the first trough.

    In the inlet, you need to get a live bait down on the bottom. Croakers, pinfish, greenies, etc. Oh and I hear a stomped mullet head works sometimes too, could just be a rumor. ;)
  • McPMcP Posts: 11 Greenhorn
    Thanks for the response... When people refer to the "Inlet" in Jupiter on shore, is that the area with the walkway over the rocks that goes out? At the north end of Jupiter Beach? I actually picked up a couple large bucktails that are white with the long red streamer. How do you fish those from the beach - Steady retrieve, bounce/jig off the bottom?
  • SnookslangerSnookslanger Posts: 1,320 Officer
    Yes, that is the inlet. You can fish from the Jetty.

    I bounce (jig) the bucktail off the bottom. I have an 8 ft spinner that gives a little more upward pull on the jig that works well for this, but it's not totally necessary.

    You have to watch and see how the fish are feeding. If they are striking the surface, good bet would be to switch to a top water and abandon the bucktail. The bucktail usually does a good canvas job to find the fish you can't see, cause they are there in the summer.
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