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night snook kayaking

bonitabobbonitabob Posts: 675 Officer
I went out last night after work with my buddy. We toted my kayak on his boat out to an area he has been catching lots of snook. The bite was slow and we moved around a little. I hooked something big that almost spooled me, I was into the backing, and finally got off. I suspect a shark but it could've been a really big red. I finally managed a decent trout on a pinfish.
After a while (about 0300) Darrin boated a nice snook. As we were measuring him, he made his escape. Looked to be around 25" or larger. We were getting ready to head back in when I positioned the kayak along a mangrove line and sort of trolled along. I found this monster hiding under an overhanging branch.
I finally made it home around 0430 and **** was I tired. Tight lines!


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