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Need a pool table moved from Stuart to Pompano

I need a pool table moved from Stuart to Pompano and don't have the vehicle/manpower to get it done. I'm open for suggestions on the best way to do it and am entertaining bids if anyone wants/can do it or knows anyone who can.


  • LedfordLedford Posts: 65 Deckhand
    is it a nice expensive pool table? or...? I live in vero and have moved a pool table with a couple of friends from orlando back to vero. lol Name your price and i might be able to get the guys together again...
  • Aft_BackwardsAft_Backwards Posts: 243 Officer
    I have moved a few of these, and I have found the best method with limited manpower is; 2 floor dollys with 4 solid caster wheels, and shimms. Since the sides of the table are angled, shim it to level w/ pieces of plywood the same size as the length of the dolly. Once its balanced correctly it will roll with ease. Thresholds require a bit of finessing. You may have to lift the leading end across the threshold. Good luck.
  • NickhoogNickhoog Posts: 870 Officer
    Dan Harvey owner of Crystal Coast Moving & Storage 561-863-8343

    Good guy, Friend of mine, Griz could vouch for him (Dan's done work for Griz in the past)

    Just mention my name, Nick w/ BEI, to Dan and he should be able to hook you up.
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