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SLI 7/24 "The one that got away" First Post

My college friend is back in town from playing basketball in Japan for the summer and he wanted to try catching a kingfish or dolphin. I've been fishing since I was 6 but strictly bottom fishing in Fort Pierce. So I took all the information I've gathered off of this forum and bought myself a chart of the area and invested in some Owner hooks.

We woke up at 7:30 AM and headed to Okeechobee to speak to some teenagers who are enrolled in a summer program. By the time we finished our speaking engagement and made it home it was noon. The wind was 17 mph ESE with rain clouds coming from that direction. With us driving all the way from Orlando the option of not getting on the water was not an option.

Ive never fished out of SLI (Only FPI) but against all odds we broke the inlet around 230 pm. Immediately saw bait but couldnt even get one to bite. Pulled out the chart and entered the coordinates for the Great Bullshark! that I've read so much about. Made it to the area and only one boat was there:thumbsup. After about three drifts we had about half a dozen baits and then the calvary came. 6 Boats show up and it was a zoo out there. Even a boat of divers showed up and decided dive right in the middle of everyone. At 430 pm we only had a dozen and a half baits but we were thankful:hail given the water conditions(2' seas).

Ran NE into about 60' of water and we put out or first baits before we can put out our second lines both or rods are singing :hairraiser! After a 5 minute fight me and my buddy pulled up the same bonita with our circle hooks both in the corner of his mouth:cookoo. We bait back up and 5 minutes later another line gets slammed and its a KINGFISH!! My Buddies first and he's on cloud 9. 5 minutes later he catches another kingfish. AND THEN the big(for my boat) Pen Senator rod gets hit:fishing. I pick the rod up and the fight is on 20 minutes later what looks like a 60 lb shark rises to the surface. Then I noticed its not a shark but a massive Cobia. I've never caught a Cobia nor have I caught a fish that big that wasnt a shark. Need less to say my heart rate is through the roof. I get him up next to the boat and my buddy misses him with the gaff (3 times) but hits him enough to **** him off and my line goes off screaming again. 5 minutes later he's at the boat again and yet again my buddy misses the gaff(2 times) and the fight continues. Finally I'm able to get the beast back to the boat and my buddy goes to gaff and misses(3 more times) catching my line and pulls with all his power. My line breaks and the monster slowly swims back down and the cuss words flow like the sweet sweet symphony. We get back to fishing and get our butts handed to us for the rest of the day not even being able to turn any of the fish around. We licked our wounds and headed in with two kingfish and the stories for a lifetime.

Below is a picture of my buddy(the worst gaffer in the world:)) with the kingfish. Sorry only one pic the others files were to big for the site.

Thanks for all the advise it helped us to have a really great time. Keep posting.

Until next time Team Make The Water Go Down signing out.

P.S. All I used was Owner circle hooks and we did not miss any hooks sets. Owner Mutu Light circle hooks will be receiving my money for a lifetime.


  • LET'S GOLET'S GO Posts: 2,041 Captain
    Not bad for 1/2 day sorry about the BAD GAFFING better luck next time. Your buddy needs to practice on lessor catches. There is an art to a good gaff!!! Nice report, thanks.

    baf44a4e-6651-4a38-8a03-7b1c3b6bd22b_zpse5ca0565.jpg L.G. LIFE IS GOOD ON THE "LET'S GO!"
  • FishNfoolFishNfool Posts: 142 Deckhand
    Don't feel too bad about the bad gaffing. A friend of mine who has fished in Alaska for years on the big fishing boats missed a gaff shot 4-5 times on a huge cobia . I could only watch it slowly swim back down as I could only say "what if"
  • Captain DaveCaptain Dave Posts: 3,392 Captain
    After the second miss by my buddy I would have taken over gaffing duties without question, especially on a cobia that size. Easy for anyone to say after the fact I know, and hind-sight is always 20/20.

    No doubt circle hooks and live bait are the only way to fly!

    Welcome to the forum. :beer

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  • reef raidareef raida Posts: 244 Deckhand
    Good job putting him on fish, but I agree with Capt. Dave I would have had to take the gaff from him.
  • Deezil21Deezil21 Posts: 18 Greenhorn
    ya and the bad part is after he missed the second time I got the fish to the boat he was like "you gaff him" and I didn't listen.
  • Plane Fish nPlane Fish n Posts: 6,439 Admiral

    great job buddy!!!!!

    That cobia sounded like a monster.

    Too bad on the gaff job but I'm not going to join the chorus that you have already heard here.

    You get the idea!

    Cheers buddy and welcome to SLI fishing.

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