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2000 1720SE Motor

jkvillejkville Posts: 6 Greenhorn
At the risk of starting a debate I need some opinions from other 1720 owners. My 135 Opti is in the shop with low compression on one cylinder. The mechanic, whom I trust, said its a $3k-$4k fix. I was already considering a new motor because this early generation (2000 model) Opti has had its share of bugs.
Since the controls and harness are compatable I think a new Merc 115 is the direction I'm going. Now that I've read so many threads on Opti 2 strokes vs 4 strokes I'm no better off on which direction to go than I was when I started. I love how the 135 Opti popped the boat up on plane and would run 50 trimmed right. I don't want to give all that up but don't want to ignore the 4 stokes as I'm sure they're great engines.

So..... 115 Opti Pro XS or 115 4-stroke?

Thanks for all opinions.


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