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habs22habs22 Posts: 6 Greenhorn
I'm new to hunting, and going to college in Tampa. A tree stand isn't an option this season. Anyone have any tips on hunting deer out of a stand? I'll be using a 12 gauge. Any help would be appreciated.


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    go early and often. walk slowly and try to stay away from other hunters. hunt the edges of cypress
    pick an area u like and walk it till u know it well(before season)
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    hunt edges and look for trails close by . Limit your shots to 70-80 yards for slugs is your shottie doesn't have a scope . 40-60 with 00buck , and pattern the shottie at those ranges to see your effective range . Also you don't have to sit in the ground if you don't own a stand . You can climb an oak and sit on the branches , 75% of my stands are on oaks and all I use is a square 18"x18", 3/4" plywood at each end drill a 3/4" hole and with ropes tie to the tree branches . Best treestand you can own , no one will steal it and you'll have perfect conceal . Good Luck
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    Thanks for the input it's appreciated
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