The near sinking of Off Campus is solved....



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    Adjusters are paid to say NO -

    Be persistent, get what is your due - you have to work the system and the system is made to be difficult to collect - how they make $
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    Adjusters are paid on a percentage of the claim amount...

    They are paid to read the contract and write a check for loss.

    good wishes OC!
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    Bigfoot wrote: »
    Adjusters are paid to say NO -

    That simply isn't true. The ignorance amongst the general public about insurance claims is astounding. It seems any time someone has some insurance and doesn't get paid it's the fault of the big bad insurance company when in fact the vast majority of the time the individual has no idea what thier policy does and does not cover.
    Insurance policies are a CONTRACT! Specifically they are a "contract of adhesion" which means the insurer draws up the contract and the insured signs it without alteration. What this means is that if it's a black and white answer it is either covered or not. If it's a grey area usually a court will rule in favor of the insured because they didn't make the contract they only signed it. Most reputable insurnce companies just grant coverage for grey areas because they know they'll get it handed to them in court and it will cost more than just paying for it to begin with.
    In FF's case there isn't even a grey area, it's black and white and no matter how high up the flagpole he runs it there just won't be coverage.

    Adjusters are paid on a percentage of the claim amount...

    Sometimes but not always. That's usually the case with independent adjsuters who are not company employees.
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    Mullet wrote: »
    Never thought about that. I figured the chromed/bronze would outlast me though. I looked into stainless. There was some talk about electrolosis issues and the need to ground ever thru hull so I opted for bronze.

    seems that the electrlosis is only a big concern for boats kept in the water. They are both better than the plastic ones. Im going to start replacing them on the world cat this winter.
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