Fishing the IFA Titusville event

We fished the IFA kayak tour regional event which was held in Titusville on August 26. We arrived Friday afternoon and fished on the south end of the Banana River with some great results. It was our first time fishing anywhere in this area and I caught my first red there within 20 minutes of hitting the water, i was able to easily see him along the mangroves when I was standing on my Hobie pro angler 12. We worked our way around the islands and found some more fish with the biggest being a nice 23.5 inch red that gave me a nice ride. We decided to come back there the next morning and the trout were hitting great. I tossed a topwater and had a huge explosion on it and after a great fight I brought in a 23.5 inch trout. We had to do a lot of searching to find any willing reds but managed some smaller ones. On sunday, the day of the tournament, the wind was gusting and the rain was spotty all around. We decided to try a new area for big reds at the haulover canal on the Indian River. We only seen one tailer and he was gone before I could cast. We tried fishing in the canal but a 11' gator near the yaks made us reconsider. So after no luck near the haulover canal,we left there and made the long run down to the Banana river. Once we arrived there, the small trout were hitting like crazy but the reds were spread out. I managed to catch a 20.5 inch redfish on a berkely gulp jerk shad which was good enough to get me the junior angler award for the tournament.

Coby Pawlowski


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