Tagged out early.....for a change

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My first post so I hope everyone enjoys. My first two gator seasons had been a challenge to say the least but I was determined to harvest a big gator so here we go again hoping for a little better luck. Headed out wed afternoon 8/22 and snatch hooked a nice gator almost right off the bat got a second hook in him then comes the harpoon and bangsticked all by 6:30pm ended up taping out at 9'10 ImageUploadedByTapatalk1346287125.348050.jpg
Off to great start!! we headed back out at daylight thurs hooked into two but pulled the hooks
Thurs afternoon go to a cove where we had seen a huge gator in the spring. Did a little glassing and we see the one we know we want. At around 6:00 ended getting a snatch hook in him and followed him around for awhile finally got a second snatch hook in him but still really couldn't do anything with him so we eventually tried and got a big treble hook on a hand line to bring him to the surface to harpoon got the harpoon on the second attempt the my brother put a perfect shot on him with the bangstick ended up being 11'10 we really couldn't believe we were tagged out the first two days of our season hope our luck continues into phase four thx

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