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    I was hesitant at first to provide any information on my intricate chumming system but being the fact that the whistle buoy is being **** dry, "Allow myself, to introduce myself" and my Yellowtailer Chummer 3000.

    Jorge, your not going to catch the big ones with 850lbs of Chum-

    You will need at least 2000 lbs. My system has a continuous chum pumper that spills out more chum than the BP Oil Spill-

    Two pumps, automatic oat and menhaden oil mixer- While one is mixing, the other is pumping and so forth. The initial investment is worth it. Well just the other day I headed to 50FT and started to chum but the current was ripping W/NE, I anchored up and headed to 80FT were the tide was slacked. I picked up and found a great bottom at around 65FT. There was a commercial fisherman already on the spot so I texted him and he mentioned that he caught a couple of KingMackeral Snappers and his limit of yellowtail. The current was ripping north. My chumming system has a remote chummer that I wear around my neck. In no time I had an Atoll of Chum.

    Needless to say, I caught my limit in about 30 minutes when they all choked and floated to the surface.

    Tight Lines-


    how much extra did the radar option run you?
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    That's probably a 500k rig.
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    you guys are obssessed with reef consultants!
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    who has they contacts for good triple ground menhaden milk chum?
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