Fall Turkey

Hoyt79Hoyt79 Posts: 105 Officer
Do any of yall ever shoot turkeys from your tree stand while hunting deer?


  • EarlyRiser1EarlyRiser1 Posts: 124 Deckhand
    During archery season, I have taken one gobbler and two hens on WMA's. Not all WMA's have a fall turkey season. One of the hens was from the ground and the other hen and gobbler were from a tree stand. Turkeys are vary wary. I have been busted by them a good number of times, while I was in a tree stand and not intending to take one and not moving- just sitting there enjoying watching them.

    One of the weirdest things I have seen from the stand was on a day when the love bugs were really active. This gobbler was walking through the woods, jumping into the air and grabbing love bugs. He wasn't flying up, just hopping up to catch them. He walked right under me. That particular WMA did not have a fall season.
  • ShineShine Posts: 821 Officer
    Yes, but they will generally see you in a tree stand from a ways off. If you can find a good population and find typical roosting spots, consider targeting them and set up a blind to hunt them.
  • FloridaODFloridaOD Posts: 3,448 Captain
    Sure would be easy to have fresh wild turkey for the holidays however lease rules where I hunt do not allow Fall Turkey by any means.
    Hunters are present yet relatively uncommon in Florida :wink
  • AllenRAllenR Posts: 2,702 Captain
    I killed one 2 years ago on Thanksgiving morning. Shot him at the base of the neck with my .243. I was kind of the envy of the family pulling up at camp on turkey day with a turkey. He had an 8" beard, and I killed his buddy he was with 2nd weekend of turkey season
  • micci_manmicci_man Somewhere in FLPosts: 13,490 AG
    I don't. I'd rather see the show put on in the Spring.
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  • flydownflydown Posts: 6,464 Admiral
    I've shot a couple with the riffle years ago. It was okay. For me, sniping them with centerfire doesn't quite hold the same level of excitement as bringing them in close and watching 'em dance.
    But I wouldn't hesitate to draw the bow back on one come September. Almost had the chance in '09, but got busted at 60 yards.
    Wary ratstards!
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  • DoradoDreaminDoradoDreamin Posts: 1,998 Captain
    I will with a bow but no way would I with a rifle. With the rifle, too much chance of wasting the meat or cripling the bird and having it fly off. I did take a shotgun with me to the stand one year when I kept seeing a group of gobblers and I did shoot one but at least I knew I would put him down with minimal meat loss. Now, like others have said, I'd rather leave them for the spring!
  • Gone_FishingGone_Fishing Posts: 1,184 Officer
    If you are thinking about it during archery season, you might want to carry an arrow with a stopper on it just for turkey.
  • GrillaGGrillaG Posts: 1,260 Officer
    Hoyt79 wrote: »
    Do any of yall ever shoot turkeys from your tree stand while hunting deer?
    yep :grin

    fresh turkey for Thanksgiving
  • creekgeekcreekgeek Posts: 872 Officer
    I've had a few chances but never pulled of a shot until last year and I missed one huge gobbler twice. *%$#@! Most of time they see you from 1.3 miles away through thick palmettos when you're in a tree stand and turn and walk away.
  • Larry MacLarry Mac Posts: 5,465 Admiral
    micci_man wrote: »
    I don't. I'd rather see the show put on in the Spring.
    Same here.

    However since I do not hunt from a tree, I am very careful not to spook the turkeys even if I don't plan to shoot them. Turkeys and deer have a symbiotic relationship and pay attention to the reactions of each other. There could be a buck nearby that is watching the turkeys near you so be careful
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