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Sun 7/24 Jupiter

I slid out Jupiter inlet about 7am with the girls. We bounced through the chop south into about 85ft thinking we'd bottom fish the outgoing.

We deployed three on the bottom and one flat. The three knot drift made it hard to hold bottom with my typical light weight triple hook jigs; we were spooling lots of line off and not producing bites. We tried repositioning and I managed a grunt. Soon the girls were getting queezy -- they blamed shopping and bud light lime on Saturday, I blame the choppy/sloppy morning; regardless it was atypical, but I returned them to the ramp and headed back out.

I had a very pleasant run back out, spotting a nice hump in 65 that I stopped to fish. One drift and a trigger fish and a grunt latter, I found myself compeating with dive boat for the line to drift the hump. I didn't need the frustration and knew there was plenty more ocean. I stowed the bottom bait, pulled out the trolling lures and jumped out to the ledge. A four line spread was quickly popping and smoking, leaving me the opportunity to reflect on the high quality of my life.

Of course I'm not much of a fisherman, I couldn't even buy a bonita. Eventually I found a pod of bottlenose dolphin, and a bonita bite. I never got a good shot at the free jumpign sail I saw, but still had a good day. :beer


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