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What are you doing with your boat if Isaac comes?

Just wondering what people are doing and what we should do. Here are a couple of articles I found.



What is your plan?
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  • FlashFlash Posts: 11,193 AG
    We usually have to stay on trailer. Lower air pressure in tires, crank it down low to ground or sometimes leave it hooked up to truck.

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  • DKDDKD Posts: 375 Deckhand
    Raise lift as high as possible, tie it off to the pilings, remove the plug, and hope for the best. And most importantly, check to make sure insurance policy is current!!!
  • CaptainBarryCaptainBarry Posts: 151 Officer
    Bringing it to a warehouse further inland. The water at the seawall behind my house is 18" below at high tide. A 5 foot surge and my dock and boat would be totally submerged.
  • Mango ManMango Man Posts: 11,174 AG
    Mines on my trailer in the side yard. I'll block all the wheels, strap the boat to the trailer and the trailer to the ground. I'll take everything off, wrap up the bimini and secure it to the boat. Drop the antennae and secure to the bow rail. I'll lower the tongue a bit but still have enough pitch to drain. Reduce the pressure in the tires. Depending on the location of the storm I'll try to put the bow into the wind and possibly put the plug in and put some water into the bilge.

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  • CaptainBlyCaptainBly Posts: 2,248 Captain
    I ended up dragging it to Lakeland to a client with a fenced lot. Probably not necessary but figured it would be safer more in land. Keep going left Isaac....
    In Loving Memory of James Zielske, January 19, 1957-July 5, 2013
  • EggsuckindogEggsuckindog Posts: 1,528 Officer
    I'm figuring on going out, maybe up above CCC, Susan's got the day off
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  • Jack HexterJack Hexter New Port RicheyPosts: 4,784 Moderator
    Mine is in the repair shop :crossed
  • windysurferwindysurfer Posts: 95 Deckhand
    Well it was a waste of time but better "safe than sorry"
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