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Pasco County Reds 8.25

Somehow we left the dock right on time but was greeted by strong north wind with little to no humidity? A high tide, strong north winds and steady chop made it extremely hard to get white bait. After 45 min to an hour with limited bait, I decide to run back to the house and drop a pin trap while we restarted the chum.

We get back around 9:00 and luckly the wind has slowed just a bit. After about 45 minutes, we manged 4 dozen deens that were absolutely monsters and 3 doz assorted pinners/grunts/squirrelfish from the trap.

We finally start fishing around 10:30. I reach in and happen to grab a smaller squirrel fish and off he went. It was'nt a minute or two until the drag starts peeling away from me towards the mangroves. It felt like a really nice fish. Suddenly, stop and turns back at me and the hooks pulls.......

I reach for another squirrel and toss it back in the area. It really did not much more than hit the water. Fish on = a solid 26.5 inch fish.

By this time, my buddies are scrambling for the biggest and badest deen in the tank. I casually grab me another bigger squirrelfish and put it back in the area. Maybe 3 minutes or so we net this one. Almost 30 inches so back in the water she went.

Lesson learned to my buddies, never ever be rigging your lines at the first spot unless absolutely necessary........

Just as quick as it started, it ended. We moved to a couple other spots with not much action but my buddy Glen was able to get another nice redfish but on a whitebait. Over 25 inches

Hard to belive the water temps were 75 leaving and 79 coming back.
Fishing is not just a hobby but a lifestyle


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