is it just me?

roachbusterroachbuster Posts: 553 Officer
I'm sooooo ready for bow season. My wife beats me, my kid annoys me, and my boss hates me. I'm ready to kill something with the hoyt. Got a great quota this year. Got marshall swamp in oct so im fired up. Hopefully those old farts on the forum wont start argueing on my thread


  • BuckDaddyBuckDaddy Posts: 644 Officer
    They only argue about hunting ducks ... :rotflmao
  • launchpadlaunchpad Posts: 386 Officer
    I'm sure your not alone. Good luck with your quota. Scout early and make use of the time before the hunt to be prepared. Make the best of what seems to be a three 2-3 year wait for quality quotas. For some reason I just have'nt got the bug yet. I have'nt been to the woods since spring. I go in cycles though I hunt the fall and winter like an obsessed maniac for 4-5 years then spend a few years on the ocean those months. I think I'm in my hydralogic cycle this year. best of luck to you!

    BTW the crusty goats should stay off this thread cuz you did'nt mention DMU, DMTAG, STA, or deer limits
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