Traffic cameras all for show.

So my boss was in an accident in Valdosta at an intersection that has a traffic cam. He called them to see if the info could be retrieved for insurance purposes, and they told him they do not record, only live. They were afraid the court system would have been tied up, they are only used to check traffic conditions. Most of them don't even work and you can't turn them, what a waste of money.
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  • reel estatereel estate Posts: 1,402 Officer
    The City of Orlando has issued me a few tckets by camera,the still pics were quite clear and :banghead :rolleyes
  • SloughSlough S.w. Ga./ St. JamesPosts: 4,775 Captain
    Is there any businesses at the intersection that has security cams? There is a convenience store on the corner of 19 and 37 here in Camilla. One of the outside camera's shows the intersection including the light. The police have used it several times to determine who had the right of way.
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    Dad has gotten 3 tickets for doing "California rolling stops" at a red light when he does a right turn on red. I tease him because they were all at the SAME light. Some of those cameras work thats for sure!
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    i hate em with passion.3 tickets
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    Some of those cameras work thats for sure!

    There are two different types of cameras. Traffic cameras, what Don is complaining about, and Red Light cameras (the ones that caught your Dad and issues tickets). The former are there merely for "show" and to be able to look at online (and waste money, imo) and the latter are there to drive up the City/County revenue with tickets and keep the revenue coming in during these budget cuts.
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    Gone share a little...

    I was at the Dodge dealer, talking with the inventory manager, upon parting ways she says...
    Be careful out there!
    "I know!.... Those da..m red lite cameras are everywhere!...."
    She says, Let me share something with you.

    There was a rather large wedding in a private home, in Pasadena ( a section of St.pete )
    Later that night, after the wedding, one of the guests returned and made off with a couple of expensive chairs.
    The chairs were a rental, so the bride/groom were on the hook for the $$ of the chairs.
    The crooks were smart, they removed the tag from the Red Dodge PickUp truck.
    They pass threw an intersection, with a camera. Chairs are clearly visible in the bed of the Red Dodge...
    No Tag?....
    The police, zoomed the camera in on a sticker on the truck...

    The police went to the inventory manager.
    "Did you sell this truck?.. Who?"

    "Yes, we sold two of those Red Dodge PickUps.
    Here are the names of those individuals."
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  • skyway andeskyway ande Posts: 3,448 Captain
    Cold busted!
    God, save the South!
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    do not ever run a redlite in decatuar ga,or windyhill rd and hwy 41 in cobb cty.gwinnett has taken alot of their redlite cams down.and yes most of the traffic cams around atl do not work.nor do the cams atl popo installed in buckhead.
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