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Replacing T-Top Canvas

It's time to replace the canvas on the t-top. what's the best material. sunbrella or weblon? which shop in Miami-Dade County? Thanks in advance.


  • capt benjcapt benj Posts: 125 Officer
    I replaced mine a year or so ago. Wanted white and was recommended weblon over sunbrella for the white color to be easier to clean. I went with Smallcraft over by the falls (Stephanie Herman's shop), they did a nice job and I installed it myself.
  • WetFeetWetFeet Posts: 57 Deckhand
    Try marine grade polyester you can get it at ultra fabrics, after you install it and it is nice and tight you use the same hair spray you put on your 70's hairdo to keep it water tight.
    Just saying...
  • locoloco Posts: 1,294 Officer
    Give Helen Marine a call... They gave me a great quote when I re-did mine... I went with Sunbrella
  • Black MaverickBlack Maverick Posts: 104 Officer
    Go to an auto shop where they replace convertible tops for a quote. They can get any material and it was half the price just becasue they don't have the word "Marine" in their title. I brought them my old one and it was a perfect fit in Sunbrella for a few hundred bucks less than what I was beign quoted by ANY marine shop.
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