8-22/8-23 what a difference. Dania beach

PottymouthPottymouth Posts: 1,547 Officer
Livingthedream and I decided to go on a drift wed. morning. It was beautiful out(testing the PA 12)made our way out to 250 no current!!! 350 no current!!! Oh well no drift, Bonita was the only thing on the menu for both of us... At least we kept the skunk off. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1345750154.674921.jpg
8/23 the wind was blowing a little harder then the day before but still flat so we decided not to drift, we peddled out to about 200 ft. LTD passed over a school and decided to drop he hooked up instantly. So I dropped my jigg as well. I didn't even reached the bottom and my rod is bent over tip in the water... This fish did not want to come up!! I knew it was not a Bonita.
After playing tug of war for about 15 min I see a white belly flash.. A slob gag
First drop, first fish of the day!
LTD caught a nice king that was released and his first jumbo black fin tuna (congrats) We both wrenched up bunch of Bonita's, the current did picked up later in the morning so we called it early with a cooler full of fish!!!


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