8-22/8-23 what a difference. Dania beach

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Livingthedream and I decided to go on a drift wed. morning. It was beautiful out(testing the PA 12)made our way out to 250 no current!!! 350 no current!!! Oh well no drift, Bonita was the only thing on the menu for both of us... At least we kept the skunk off. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1345750154.674921.jpg
8/23 the wind was blowing a little harder then the day before but still flat so we decided not to drift, we peddled out to about 200 ft. LTD passed over a school and decided to drop he hooked up instantly. So I dropped my jigg as well. I didn't even reached the bottom and my rod is bent over tip in the water... This fish did not want to come up!! I knew it was not a Bonita.
After playing tug of war for about 15 min I see a white belly flash.. A slob gag
First drop, first fish of the day!
LTD caught a nice king that was released and his first jumbo black fin tuna (congrats) We both wrenched up bunch of Bonita's, the current did picked up later in the morning so we called it early with a cooler full of fish!!!


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    Sweet !
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    NICE FISH FELLAS!!!! That grouper is a slob!?!?! :thumbsup
    ROB, KELLAN, would you please take some better pics!! You guys get some really great catches.
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    You really got my old cooler out there behind you...that kayak must have some nice storage! Perfect day to bring it! Nice Grouper brother!
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    Glad to see you guys had a good day on the water, nice fish too. Almost got my GPS/Fishfinder mounted, and looking forward to heading out with you guys again next week.
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    Nice job guys! I wish I could fish during the week. What do y'all do?
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    Great job on the grouper.:Rockon
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    Looks like you guys killed it. I headed out of Dania this morning with mapache, who met up with you guys on the water. I had to go in early, got a little green and lost my breakfast. Not before a small group of Cobia showed up under my yak though. They were taking squid right off the surface, but the only bare hooks I had rigged up were with wire and they must have been able to see it because they kept biting AROUND the hooks lol.
  • Baxter22Baxter22 Posts: 47 Deckhand
    Great job and nice you all can do mid weeks! Told Android it is always flat when I am working off this weekend and you know the rest...
  • mangohunter11mangohunter11 Posts: 442 Officer
    Sick Job fellas! Both Good Eats right there!

    @ Flats broke you aren't kidding! Potty get a Lumix brotha!( or even the gopro shots good pics!) I just got it and it shoots sick 16.1 megapixel stills and pretty rad video.
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    Redneck those supposed cobia you saw were probably remoras the enemy of kayakers with live bait. It's the only fish i will release unable to survive

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  • Redneck RocketRedneck Rocket Posts: 88 Deckhand
    Android77 wrote: »
    Redneck those supposed cobia you saw were probably remoras the enemy of kayakers with live bait. It's the only fish i will release unable to survive

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    That's true they could have been, although I've never seen either before up close so i couldn't say for sure.
  • Offshore9393Offshore9393 Posts: 469 Officer
    nice grouper.
  • PottymouthPottymouth Posts: 1,547 Officer
    Thanks everyone. Yea yea better pics.. Took some with the go pro, soon come..
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