Basic go pro question?

Luftwaffe1989Luftwaffe1989 Posts: 170 Officer
this is probably dumb to ask, but what do you need to set up the go pro to your speargun (wood)? is there a specific place where you have to mount it and what type of mounts I need for the camara? sorry guys im new on this go pro stuff...
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  • knotsatisfiedknotsatisfied Posts: 13 Greenhorn
    it depends on the clear room on your gun. i have mounted them on the muzzle of my freeshaft guns because there's no line to get tangled on it. if you shoot with a line you should mount it where the line won't snag on the gopro when shot. i custom build stainless brackets for this application. let me know if you would like to see one and i'll send you a link. make sure you let me know what gun you have.
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