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My buddy came up from Miami for some offshore fishing and we planned to castnet some livies and hit weedlines for dolphin. We cleared the inlet around 7 am and headed north.

We found lots of bait but they were on the small size and tough to castnet. We managed about five dozen small blue runners and spanish sardines then turned East to start the hunt.

Seas were about 2-3' and built to 3-4' in the afternoon with a steady E-SE wind. Our first stop was in about 60' with a slight color change and lots of scattered weeds. We depolyed two flatlines on circle hooks and fluoro and one deep bait. Unfortunately, the weeds made it tough to keep the baits clean.

Nothing was happening so we headed deeper. Our next stop was in 120ish with another defined edge and weeds. Shortly after sending our baits for a swim, the port flatline when off to only stop a moment later. A swing and a miss. No bait but not a cutoff. We tried a while longer, moved out, moved south, but nada.

It was approaching noon so we made the call to troll down an edge/weedline in 150. We kept it simple with some ilander/fresh hoo rigs. Not much later, the stardboard flat goes off. I was in the cockpit clearing weeds and adjusting baits so I witnessed the crash. A big fish slammed the bait and quickly began jumping. The inital drag scream would give any wahoo competition. All I saw was white water with the first jump so I thought I had a huge bull.

However, on the next jump, a blue marlin started jumping and running away from the boat and then quickly back at the boat. It was only two of us so it was a bit of a fire drill to get all of the stowed rods out of the way and other lines cleared. Once I had the belt on, we began circling to gain some line. I was hooked up on an old Penn GLS45 w/30lb mono! At this point in the match, my spool was very anemic.

My buddy did a great job circling the boat and we eventually got the blue boatside. The 100lb Momoi leader was wraped around his bill but the hook had found solid hold in his upper jaw. I was able to remove the hook without injury to fish or fisherman.

After some quick pics, I traded places with the leaderman and revived my fish with the boat in gear. The blue started biting down on my ungloved hand so I figured it was time to send her on her way. The blue glided under the surface for a short while then swam down out of sight.

We trolled a bit longer with several quick strikes that all resulted in the back of the ballyhoo missing. Maybe kings (?) but we were in 150ish. Being content with our catch, I didn't bother adding stinger hooks and we headed for the barn.

I don't know the weight of this fish and did not remove it from the water. Any guesses?




Cobia 296 F300s J & B
Hewes 18' RF Y130 Flatfoot


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