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August Wahoo off Miami

Yesterday 8/21/12, I was fortunate enough to get off work early and head out for the afternoon bite. I headed strait out of Stiltsville and dropped the lines in right at the edge and headed south. There was a really nice rip on the edge, a nice weedline, and quite a bit of bird action right about 200 ft. It seemed to have all the perfect elements, but nothing hit. I worked that for about 20 minutes before heading deeper. After trolling for about 30 more minutes, rod #3 made my favorite noise. I was not quite sure what it was at that point, I thought possibly a bonita, but after it ran farther out to the surface and ripped line toward the bow I knew it was not a bonita or tuna. After putting up a nice fight she came close enough to show off her stripes...


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