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650 lb Thresher caught of Dania Beach

Check this out! I hope there are more so we have something to look forward to!
BTW You might want to start keeping your feet in the Yak! lol

Hobie Revolution, PA12


  • CookinmanCookinman Posts: 880 Officer
    Big Thumbs DOWN for the needless killing of such a magnificent apex Predator....

    To see how these guys should be fished and handled properly, promoting the sport and conserving the resource - check out teamrebelfishing.com
    Zach and Crew are a class act ( for a bunch of metalheads......lol )
  • mangohunter11mangohunter11 Posts: 442 Officer
    I saw this on the local news this morning! I agree cookinman no need to kill that animal. Sailfish mount! Take a pic and some measurements and you golden. As for the thresher that's a rare find in these waters as they are cold water sharks. Between the great white sighting and now thresher shark I won't be surprise if someone haul in a Greenland shark!

    Jager I'm still dangling my feet over the rail!
  • JagerschnappsJagerschnapps Posts: 102 Officer
    I agree that it should not have been killed. They think they are going to have it mounted.....that is until they find out how much it is going to cost! Pretty cool anyways that we had a thresher in the neighborhood especially since its been so darn hot out.
    Hobie Revolution, PA12
  • CookinmanCookinman Posts: 880 Officer
    It IS A cool catch indeed !- I was doing some reading about Antactic currents that well up and create eddies when they hit the continental shelf off our coast- Pretty neat stuff....
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