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Ft. Pierce 7/22

Went offshore Friday with my Dad and 2 buddies. Made it to 10A buoy and found quite a bit of good bait. Headed SE from there in search of an edge, weedline or temp break. We ended up finding a decently formed weedline with a few big mats and started putting baits out. The first rod that I was about to clip to the outrigger was only out for about 30 seconds before line started ripping off the real. We ended up catching 4 dolphin in about 20 minutes of fishing of that line....not bad

We fished for a little while more with minimal action so we decided to run offshore a little further. We found some more scattered weeds in about 250' with a few schoolies swimming around and put lines out on them. We were trolling/drifting along when my friend spotted a bottle that he swore had a message in it. We went and picked it up and found this inside:

It was a picture in memory of "Joe". Someone had written "RIP Joe 9-25-09" on the picture and set him out to sea for the last time. We didn't know who Joe was, so we put him back in his bottle, cheers'ed our beers with him and set him back on his way. Anybody on here know who Joe was?
Anyways after we met Joe and sent him back out to sea, we caught 3 more dolphin. We like to think Joe sent them our way :)
Ending count was 7 phins, 4 gaffers in the 18#-25# range and 3 peanuts. Great day.


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